About light color

Plane-type has two kinds of light color of the different image. Please choose whichever you'd like.

Moon light

color temperature: 2700K The light color is a yellowishness such as a incandescent lamp.It has a warmth and cozy atmosphere. The quiet and tender light will calm your heart deeply when you want be relaxed.

Sun light

color temperature: 3000K The light color is slightly whiter than “moon light”.It has a calm and refreshing atmosphere.Your heart will be filled with energy by the pleasant light when you want to do a progress to next.

What is color temperature? …  ”Color temperature” is a numerical value of light color that is expressed by “K(kelvin)”.Light color becomes pink so that numerical value is low and changes whitish so as to become higher.Numerical value from 2700K to 3000K is called "light bulb color" generally.
Both the colors have a relaxed atmosphere.

*A encounter with a light only for you… 

Strictly speaking,a illuminant color of LED is slightly different one by one even if their color temperatures are the same .
It means that all of those have respective brightness.
We understand that it is good point of individuality just like that each grain of wood has its own pretty patterns and that each person has one’s own charms.
May you have a wonderful encounter with your light.
HIKARIBYOUB is looking forward to meeting you,too.